Volunteering at Elifelet

How do we help?

The refugee community in Tel Aviv includes about 3,000 children who are exposed to physical and emotional risks on a daily basis. Since the spring of 2012, Elifelet has adopted one daycare center after another. Thanks to donations and volunteers, the organization has been able to help these children emerge from their cycle of distress.

We have already assisted ten daycare centers, where more than 600 children spend many hours a day. In addition, we founded two afternoon clubs, which have become a warm home for children aged 3 to 12, who have been identified as being at high risk. These children receive the care and education they need, enabling them to make their way in the Israeli school system and become integrated into society.

In addition to caring for the children, Elifelet makes sure that each daycare center it adopts is adequately equipped and institutes proper safety measures. This includes providing the necessary medical care, food provisions, a supply of hygiene products and diapers, the installation of air-conditioners, washing machines and more. The volunteers give the children the personal attention they crave, make sure that medical and dental treatments are administered if necessary, and when needed, they work together with the parents to serve the child's best interests.

We have many additional initiatives, including offering the children: after-school activities; day-trips; birthday parties; celebrations of Jewish and Christian holidays; movies and performances; and special-education and enrichment classes. The volunteers from Elifelet have become a surrogate family for the children at the afternoon clubs, and they help serve as a buffer for the parents in their attempts to fit in with Israeli society.

How can you help?

Donations are always welcome. We often need children's clothes, games and equipment for nursery schools. Volunteers are needed to: work with the children; renovate dilapidated or hazardous apartments; perform various types of repair work; drive children to medical treatments; or transport food and equipment. We are always happy to collaborate with one-time volunteer initiatives proposed by families, organizations and army units.

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