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We are here for them

Elifelet believes that every child deserves a happy childhood. For refugee and undocumented children in Israel this is a struggle. From morning until evening, from infancy to Middle School, we create a holistic array of programs to ensure the safeguarding, education, and wellbeing of the children.

Educational Program

In our after-school programs children enjoy a warm meal, tutoring, music, art and language classes, and most importantly a safe haven off the streets.

Therapeutic Program

The reality into which the children are born creates an abyss of developmental and emotional needs. We provide the children with a variety of therapies to bridge those gaps.

Humanitarian Aid 

We provide the children's families with the most basic of needs - food, baby formula, diapers, household equipment, grants, and accessible information.

Early Childhood

We safeguard the infants placed in unauthorised daycares with volunteers, sustenance, developmental therapy, care and love.

What We Do

Elifelet - Citizens for Refugee Children, is a registered NGO, winner of the Human Rights Prize of the French Republic, the Israeli President's Award for Volunteerism, and the Yigal Alon Award for Exemplary Pioneering Activities. Elifelet has recently been awarded the Midot Seal of Effectiveness, following a thorough assessment of the organisation's impact. 

Why We Do

Because every child deserves to enjoy their childhood and to live a good and secure life. But this right is not granted to children from the refugee and asylum-seeker community in Israel.


The parents of asylum-seeker children work long hours at manual labor with low salaries. Most toddlers who were born in Israel are sent to “babysitters” – improvised child-care centers that were established by African women, in small and neglected apartments and sometimes in basements and rooms without light or air. The children spend their days staring at the television screen, without games and without suitable stimulating and enriching activities, and suffer from a serious lack of physical contact and attention. Since 2010, 19 babies have died in these kindergartens. 


In light of their early life circumstances, many asylum-seeker children suffer from emotional problems and developmental delays that hinder them in the educational system. There we introduce them to the Elifelet after-school centers, and to our welfare and therapy system, in order to help them bridge the gaps towards a brighter future. 

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