Illustration by Michel Kichka

Our emergency food project for infants and children

Since 2010, eighteen babies have died in the babysitter, the majority of which from a failure of the immune system caused by malnutrition during infancy. In 2017, as a result of the deposit tax which was designed to lessen parents’ employment and livelihood possibilities, we were exposed to the severe shortage in children’s food and propelled to launch Elifelet’s Emergency Food Project. 

Every week Elifelet’s volunteers supply food packages, filling the needs of 1,000 infants and children and dozens single-parent families that were left financially devastated by the imposed tax. Our food package also include diapers and wet wipes when necessary. 

How can you help?

money donation, food collection drives and supply donations can all help us meet our needs. Individual and group volunteer assist us in sorting, packing and delivering our packages.