The Therapeutic & Educational Advancement Center

Another aspect in the successful work of our Activities Center is the Therapeutic Center which provides children with emotional therapy and educational support. 

Children who regularly attend our Activities Center, as well as children who are referred to us by school guidance counselors, receive support and care from qualified therapists as well as professional volunteer teachers and tutors on a weekly basis.

The children of the asylum seekers are particularly in need of care and assistance in dealing with the tough traumas and emotional crises that are too prevalent in their lives. The children are large native Hebrew speakers and their parents cannot communicate with them in their language and cannot assist them in their school work - this lack of a mother tongue discouraged communication with the parents and increases the children’s sense of frustration and misunderstanding. Their access to emotional therapy is non-existent and their untreated stresses further delays their educational advancement. 

In 2019 we have taken great steps to establish this support to the children through non-verbal therapy - such as therapy in arts, music, animals, or outdoors therapy. The Therapy Center also operates an array of educational support volunteers who work in tandem with the therapists. The work takes place after-school during weekdays and meets the demands of 20 children a weeks. The volunteer work is supervised and guided and requires a year-long commitment. 

How can you help? 

Volunteer therapists and educators are always in need and appreciated. We would be grateful for any financial support  for the operations and expansion of the center.