The Activities Center - An Open Door to an Enriching and Protective Home.

There are no long school days in the Municipal education systems where the children of the asylum seekers study. 

Starting in the afternoon and carrying to the late evening hours, many children find themselves wondering the street, with no food or supervision. 

This is a daily reality which has worsened since the introduction of the Deposit Tax. The parents are struggling financially and are unable to fund after-school programs for their children. 

In the streets, and without supervision, our children become an easy pray to criminals, pedophiles, and drug dealers. Due to the large volume of reports on cases of abuse, crime, and solicitation to prostitution authorities in charge declared the elementary and middle school age refugee children as an extreme high risk cohort. 

In the face of this difficult reality, we have launched our Activities Center in January of 2019 for the kids aged 8-14 in the Shapira neighborhood. Our doors are open in the afternoons to all the neighborhoods children (whether refugee or not) all free of cost. The children comes from all corners of the streets, they receive a warm nourishing meal, hang-out and study with volunteers, teachers, and professional instructors, while enjoying a wide variety of enriching activities such as writing, ceramics, jewelry making, sports and movement, animation, programming, cooking and music. Each child has the opportunity to develop and grow, expand their horizon, express oneself, and learn new skills. 

Parallel the center’s activities, the children go on field trips and special activity days; in the Kibbutzim and Safari, parks and extreme sports. During the holidays the children are invited to take part in our weekday camp. All this work is enabled by our generous donors and dedicated volunteers. 

The Activities Center also serves the parents - in the evening hours we invite the parents to take part in trainings and tutorials, cultural functions and vocational workshops, through which the parent get to expand their social circles and become a stronger and more resilient community. 

How can you help? 

We would love to invite new volunteers and workshop instructors befitting kids 8-14 years of age. Financial Contributions help us guarantee our Centers’ operation and its expansion.