Illustration by Michel Kichka

All the Colors of the Rainbow Project

Elifelet’s Coloring Book: All the Colors of the Rainbow

The greatest Israeli illustrators and children's authors have donated their talents to help us create an exceptional project. It invites us all --big and small-- to make the refugee children's future brighter by purchasing this lovely book, All the Colors of the Rainbow, and coloring in its pages.

Renowned children's authors, Datia Ben Dor and Yehuda Atlas, together with the most popular illustrators, have offered their services to create a magical book. It is a veritable work of art, emphasizing values such as: compassion, empathy, mutual responsibility, tolerance, self-acceptance and acceptance of those who are different. Our hardback volume contains 84 pages with 39 wonderful illustrations just waiting to be colored in. These illustrations tell the stories of the every day lives of the refugee children, who, like our own, want to be seen and heard, and have a happy childhood. We invite you to help us change the reality of their lives by buying this book.

The Elifelet Fair: An event to launch "All the Colors of the Rainbow"

Our heartfelt thanks go to Yehuda Atlas and Datia BenDor for donating their poems to our book.
We thank all thirty-nine wonderful illustrators for their willingness and their generosity in giving the best of their talents and creativity and making this magical book come alive: David Polonsky, Rutu Modan, Zeev Englemayer, Inbal Even, Orit Bergman, Amitai Sandy, Michal Tamir Edry, Itamar Daube, Dani Kerman, Michelle Kishka, Naama Benziman, Geffen Rafaeli, Aya Gordon Noy, Shahar Kober, Roni Pahima, Tsahi Farber, Inbal Leitner, Ovadia Benishu, Tamar Moshkovich, Jenny Meilihove, Hilit Shefer, Itzik Rennert, Aviel Basil, Ori Toor, Orit Arif, Ami Rubinger, Yossi Abulafia, Gilad Seliktar, Vali Mintzi, Miki Bencnaan, Amit Treinin, Danielle Peleg, Hadar Reuven, Tali Ylonetzki, Merav Salomon, Netalie Gvirtz, Nir Molad, Noam Nadav and Omer Hoffmann.

Illustrations from the book